Paranormal Romance

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Series: Madison Wolf Pack

Book 1
Czarina and Hunter's Story
Protecting Czarina

Czarina Jacobs is tired of family and friends abusing her trust. To protect herself she won't allow anyone to get close to her. While visiting a friend in Montana, she becomes the target of a covert group.

Hunter Mason's patience is tested trying to protect her. Czarina just needs to lower her guard and her gun.

Hunter runs Mason Outdoor Travel in Madison, MT and is a psychic alpha wolf shifter. He's also a former Navy SEAL who often does rescue and reconnaissance missions. The one blot on his naval record was a failure to save a high-level government official's daughter.

If Czarina can erase Hunter's guilt, it may just save their lives.

The Discovery Phase
Book 2 Harboring Tara (Tara and Chris)
Book 3 Saving Holly (Holly and Nicholas)
Book 3.5 Shielding Renee (Renee and Joel)
Book 4 Defending Alexandra (Alexandra and Ryland)

Arielle and Sebastien's Story

Arielle Saxton is in a battle with Death. Death wants her to come with him. She wants to stay here. The clashes between them have been hard with more success on his side than hers. In case Death wins the war, she’s decided to cram all of the things she’s ever wanted to do in the time she has left. She meets a man who makes her suddenly want to fight to extend her life instead of her surrendering and dying with grace and dignity. But to win against Death, she must be willing to step into a different world from her own.

Sebastian Hawke is ready to face Death. He has witnessed Death take every member of his family including his beloved wife. He has no more strength to fight and nothing left to fight for. While tying up the loose ends of his personal and business life, he meets Arielle, a woman determined not to give up her fight no matter what. Now succumbing to Death doesn’t seem like such a good idea.

How can Arielle and Sebastian come together to defeat Death, usher in a new era in his world, emerge victoriously and take this second chance at life and love?

Time After Time

Trilogy Title: Untitled

Zondra and Storm's Story
Book 1 Zondra's Quandary

The Discovery Phase
Zayda and Cord's Story
Book 2 Zayda's Dilemma

Zenassa and Noah's Story
Book 3 Zenassa's Predicament