Contemporary Romance

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Piper Springs Series:

Marisa and Ray's Story
Book One--Second Chances (Tentative Title)

Marisa Abbott returns to Piper Springs after a disastrous divorce to care for her ailing grandmother. She gets on with her life as a librarian at the local library. She’d prove to her ex-husband she could take care of herself if it’s the last thing she did. At last, the brakes had been applied to slow the downward spiral her life had taken.

However, Ray Palmer had rolled back into town. His return had been as silent as his disgraceful departure. How was Marisa supposed to face him when she hadn’t been brave enough to end their relationship in person six years ago? Now a mutual friend, a woman, from their past stepped in to complicate the situation and Marisa’s ex-husband made an appearance in town to demand a second chance.

Could she keep her emotions for Ray in check whenever they were together? Or should she discount the ugly small town rumor mill and reclaim what she’d lost?

Shianne and Blake's Story
Book Two-New Beginnings (Tentative Title)

Shianne Bowers loses her job when she is charged with client piracy to start her own ad agency. The man she gave her heart to is the one who implicated her in the scheme and branded her a traitor. With no prospects for a new job in sight, the request to return home to help family was a godsend and gives her courage to face new responsibilities for the future; She gladly trades big city life for rural living.

Blake Neal is determined to locate the beauty he wrongly accused of theft, only to find she’s disappeared without a trace. Add to that, he discovers treachery in the company he gave his loyalty to that leaves a bad taste in his mouth. He leaves for greener pastures and finds the woman he's searched for in Piper Springs. He grasps her animosity toward him, but he can’t figure out why she's so jittery around him.

What is she hiding? When he discovers her secret, can he convince her to forgive him and give their relationship another try?

The Discovery Phase
No Titles yet
Book Three-Caitlyn and Donovan's Story
Book Four-Anah and Gareth's Story
Book Five-Delyla and Eiric's Story
Book Six-Hanah and Jayson's Story
Book Seven-Paris and Brad's Story
Book Eight-Geneva and Aaron's Story

The Discovery Phase
Series Title: Untitled
Brain-Storming a Cowboy series. Creating locations and meeting characters.

Tamsyn and Seth's Story
Book One--Untitled